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tower of fantasy
Tower of Fantasy. Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world MMORPG by Hotta Studio, released in 2022 which quickly caught the eye of many players. While it does have a striking resemblance to Genshin Impact and was even called the Genshin Killer, it brings its own special features that’ll keep you hooked.  With its smooth and action-focused hack-and-slash combat mechanic, well-crafted characters and post-apocalyptic theme, you know the game has actually a lot to offer. 

Following the global release, Tower of Fantasy took the world by storm with over millions of downloads. Since then, it’s been constantly adding new stuff and characters to keep things exciting.

The game offers a wealth of content to explore, implying that there’s much to grasp, from combat strategies and team composition to maximizing damage and finding efficient ways to progress. But if you’re a newbie, don’t worry as this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide is ready to help you.

Tower of Fantasy Gameplay

In the world of Aida, you, the player will take the role of the Wanderer, getting to explore and meet important characters, defeat opponents along the way and become stronger. 

If you’ve ever played Genshin Impact, you will notice a bit of a resemblance. From exploring areas, unlocking regions, collecting achievements, opening chests to solving puzzles, there’s a lot  to do in Tower of Fantasy! Tower of Fantasy is also a great game to play if you have friends that  are also into Gacha games as it has  a great co-op system.

Image via Hotta Studio

In Tower of Fantasy, you will control a character that you either own, or playable characters. Your character is set to equip at most three weapons, each with unique abilities. In terms of combat, the game involves a hack-and-slash system, with a cooldown-based dodge mechanic. With this, you can create the perfect combo by switching between different weapons, unleashing flashy abilities, and survive each fight with well-timed dodges. 

Listed down below are all the game modes available in Tower of Fantasy.


  • Joint Operation: A PVE mode where players engage in multiple battles against large enemies and bosses. 
  • Interstellar Exploration: Players can enter any of the 6 Star Gates that will randomly appear across the world each day to fight enemies for great rewards. 
  • Dimensional Trials: Dimensional Trials is ToF’s other adventure mode, where players participate in Weapon Drills or Matrix Drills, which are necessary for enhancing weapons. 
  • Bygone Phantasm: Bygone Phantasm is a solo PVE Tower mode, where players enter multiple Ex Scientia Levels and must clear each level to obtain rewards. 
  • Void Rift: In this mode, players must collect three keys by defeating enemies and gain buffs along the way. After doing so, they must enter an intense boss fight.
  • Wormhole: Wormhole requires players to collect rift energy until the bar reaches 100% within the time limit to complete the stage. 
  • Frontier Clash: Frontier Clash is another PVE mode where players face multiple waves of enemies to earn rewards. 
  • Raid: Unlike other co-op challenges, a team of at most eight players can enter the high-difficulty raid and must take down the boss to earn rewards. 


  • Arena: Arena is where Tower of Fantasy players compete with each other to acquire leaderboard rewards. 
  • Break from Destiny: Aside from the 1v1 and 8v8 PVP modes, players can join a Battle Royale-like game mode against up to 30 players. 

When entering skirmishes, it is also worth noting that large bosses have their own ultimate  skill that has a high chance of one-shotting your whole team!  

Before bosses unleash their ultimate skill , they  will put up a shield, and you must destroy the shield before it’s too late! This is where the role of shield-breakers becomes crucial.

How do weapons work in Tower of Fantasy

A player can equip at most three weapons of different weapon type combinations and can be switched at any time. Ideally, one must deeply understand each attack and ability, as knowing these can mean the difference between winning and losing the fight. Without this knowledge, one may bring a set of three weapons that barely synergize with each other, making each battle more difficult.

Each weapon boasts its own set of attacks from Normal, Aerial, Dodge, Skill to Discharge (Ultimate). Normal attacks can be cast anytime, while Aerial and Dodge have particular prerequisites. Skills on the other hand are cooldown-based.

Tower of Fantasy Gameplay
Image via Hotta Studio

When landing any type of attack, it will fill up the Omnium charge gauge of the other two non-active weapons. This gauge increases over time and when it’s full, you can switch to that particular weapon to unleash the discharge skill.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

Tower of Fantasy currently has a large number of characters, called Simulacrum, in the roster from SSR, SR to R type. Beyond their striking in-game appearance and captivating aesthetics, each character also has their own weapon capable of landing various attacks from normal, charged, aerial attacks, skills and ultimate (discharge). Moreover, they are also divided into different roles and elements, which is something you must first know before building your team.

You can see our full Tower of Fantasy Character and Weapons Tier list here!

ToF Simulacrum
Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy Elements 

There are five elements in Tower of Fantasy, and they do not react with each other. However, the element you’re wielding most of the time will affect the outcome of your battle. Therefore, one must learn each of it and how it works against opponents. With this, players can come up with a great weapon combination and attack combo for the team that is sure to quickly eliminate the boss with ease. 

Opponents can have their own vulnerability or resistance to any element, which will mostly dictate which team you should use for that particular fight.

  • Flame
  • Ice
  • Altered
  • Volt
  • Physical.

Tower of Fantasy Charge and Shatter

Charge and Shatter values also matter in building your team. 

As previously mentioned, each weapon features an Omnium Charge Gauge that accumulates with each successful attack.  In this case, the charge value of the active weapon plays a crucial role. As a rule of thumb, the higher the charge value, the quicker you’ll fill the gauge. Most often, on-field DPS weapons such as Samir’s, Frigg’s and Tsubasa’s have higher charge value than other roles. 

Shatter on the other hand is highly important that without a shatter weapon, defeating a boss will take a long time. In the worst cases, failing to destroy the shield will cause your team to be eliminated instantly. Defense weapons such as Huma and Meryl’s weapons usually have high shatter value. However, there are on-field DPS as well that can be great as a shatter weapon such as Ruby’s and Frigg’s.

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Resonance 

The weapons you choose will dictate which weapon resonance you’ll get. Weapon resonance provides bonus effects depending on the types of weapon in the team.

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Resonance
Image via Hotta Studio

Here are the types of weapon resonance and roles that should use them:  

  • Fortitude:  Gives +25% damage reduction, +60% shatter and +800% aggro! In teamplay, adds a further +20% damage reduction. Equip at least 2 defensive weapons to activate. This weapon resonance is best for tanks and main shield-breakers!
  • Attack: Gives +10% damage and a further +40% in teamplay. Equip at least 2 DPS type weapons to activate. This resonance maximizes the damage output of DPS characters.
  • Benediction: Gives +100% healing and a further +100% in teamplay! Equip at least 2 support weapons to activate. Receiving this buff further boosts a support’s healing ability.
  • Balance: Gives +5% damage reduction, +20% Shatter, +20% healing. In team play, adds a further +35% final damage and +10% damage reduction. Equip at least one weapon of any type to activate. This resonance works best during solo exploration.

Tower of Fantasy Elemental Resonance

Selected characters interestingly have innate elemental resonance. Elemental resonance activates when a character with a specific elemental resonance is paired with another character of the same element. For instance, combining Nemesis with a Volt resonance with a Volt character grants additional effect.

Element ResonanceActive BuffActivate by
Flame+20% Flame attack
+40% Flame resistance
Equipping 2 or more flame weapons
Ice+15% Frost attack
+25% Frost resistance 
Equipping 2 or more frost weapons
Altered+20% Attack+30% Altered ResistanceEquipping 2 or more altered weapons
Volt+15% Volt Attack +25% Volt ResistanceEquipping 2 or more Volt weapons
Physical +15% Physical Attack +25% Physical ResistanceEquipping 2 or more Physical weapons

Tower of Fantasy Levels and Stages

Unlike the initial release, Tower of Fantasy now incorporates a daily level cap that restricts the amount of experience you can gain once you reach it. This cap varies from day to day and gradually increases over time. For every quest you finish and chest you unlock, you can receive EXP which then contributes to your level. However, with this system, you will not gain more as soon as you reach the cap. This way, you can focus more on grinding materials, matrices, and gear to become stronger in the game.

For instance, on your first day, you won’t be able to progress beyond level 18. To continue leveling up, you’ll need to wait for the next day. If you aim to reach the maximum level of 70, it will require a minimum of 88 days of gameplay.

While this system hasn’t been well-received by many players, particularly those who enjoy speed-running, it serves a crucial purpose. It ensures that your combat score keeps up as you level up, preventing you from encountering difficulties when facing high-level opponents in the future.

Inventory and Upgrades for Tower of Fantasy

Much like every RPG, Tower of Fantasy requires a lot of grinding. This involves leveling up your weapon, making it a lot stronger using stats and other upgrades. By exploring regions and entering dungeons, you can collect materials to increase your CS. 


Matrices pretty much worked like artifacts in Genshin Impact. It provides random stats and with that, you will have to pray to the RNG gods for the right stats to appear, otherwise you’ll have to farm again. A set should have four matrices. Ideally, you would want to search for matrix sets that give bonus stats when equipping two or four of its kind.

For example, equipping 2-pc Shiro matrices increases both of your damage and shatter to enemies with HP higher than 50%, while using 4-pc of the same set gives you damage boost.

ToF matrices
Image via Hotta Studio


Aside from matrices, equipment also come into play when building up your stats.

ToF Gears
Image via Hotta Studio

This includes the Helmet, Spaulders, Suit, Handguards, Belt, Gloves, Leggings, Boots, Eyepiece, Combat Engine, Exoskeleteon and Microreactor. Each one provides a variation of stats from Attack, HP, Resistance to Crit.

Tower of Fantasy in Game Currency

Tower of Fantasy belongs to a large list of Gacha RPGs, and it also has its own system. When unlocking content, opening chests, completing achievements and claiming rewards, players get to receive Dark Crystals. With this, you can convert it into either Gold, Red, or Black Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Gacha
Image via Hotta Studio

These nuclei are used to obtain R, SR and SSR Simulacrum or weapons. Black and Gold Nucleus gives you a small chance of getting a standard SSR character, while Red will include Limited Simulacrum on the list.

Tower of Fantasy Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve learned about the basics of the game through this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide, here’s some more tips and tricks you can use when playing the game.

How to Build a Team in Tower of Fantasy

When building a team, you must first consider the type of weapon resonance that you’ll get. Determine if you need more attack, healing or if you need to become a tank, and activate the resonance by equipping the right weapon types.

Next, make sure to have at least one weapon with a high shatter value such as Huma or Meryl. This is vital when fighting bosses as getting rid of the shield will be tough without enough shield-breakers in the team.

Ideally, you should form a team consisting of 1 DPS, 1 Shield-breaker and 1 Flex. Flex character can be a support that heals and provides buffs for your team like Cocoritter, or a Sub-DPS/Buffer like Tsubasa.

Also, if there’s one character that you plan to add to your team that has an elemental resonance, it might be best to activate it.

Best Balance Tower of Fantasy Team Comp

Tower of Fantasy SamirTower of Fantasy NemesisTower of Fantasy Huma
Tower of Fantasy Samir, Nemesis, Huma. Image via Hotta Studio
SSRSamirDual EM StarsDPSVolt
SSRHumaMolten Shield V2Defense/Shield-breakerFlame

Since this team has all the weapon types, it will receive the buff from the Balance Resonance: 

  • +5% damage reduction
  • +20% Shatter
  • +20% Healing and when in a team:
  • +35% final damage
  • +10% damage reduction 

Apart from these effects, Volt Resonance also activates due to the presence of Nemesis, which increases the overall Volt ATK and Volt Resistance of the team. This enables Samir to maximize her damage output, paired with Nemesis’ healing and crowd control. Meanwhile, Huma, the last member of the team will become the shield-breaker thanks to her high shatter value.

Explore each region in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, one must focus first on exploration. Exploration not only allows you to unlock areas, but you can also obtain Nuclei and Dark Crystals from it. Make sure to activate teleporters, spacerifts and the omnium tower, as these will be used to teleport from one place to another.

ToF Exploration
Image via Hotta Studio

Complete Dailies in Tower of Fantasy

Grab every resource you can by completing your dailies. Each day, you will be given a mini-quest called Bounties. These bounties can either be defeating monsters or collecting materials in your chosen area.

Tower of Fantasy Dailies
Image via Hotta Studio

Additionally, you should also make sure to spend your vitality daily by entering game modes such as Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon and more.

Use Interactive map in Tower of Fantasy

Finding every loot, chests, supply pods and more can be difficult especially in larger areas. Thankfully, there are interactive maps online available here for you to use in order to easily locate them.

Reroll accounts!

Much like any other gacha game, rerolling proves to be a great option. This is especially true if the player wants to start the game with stronger SSR characters. If you’re one of them, consider creating a new account, also called as Rerolling. By rerolling, you will have another chance to get an SSR simulacrum on your first ten pull.

If you want to know the best and strongest characters in the current meta, we’ve got you covered. Do not miss out the only Tower of Fantasy Tier list you’ll ever need. From SS to B, this list ranks all ToF Weapons to help you find the perfect addition to your team.

Redeem Tower of Fantasy Codes!

The game regularly sends out Tower of Fantasy codes with lots of freebies and in-game rewards. This includes Dark Crystals, Special Vouchers, Nuclei, materials and more! Claim these valuable rewards before they expire. See our full active code list and instructions on redeeming them here!

That’s everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy. There is quite a lot of mechanics you need to learn, but you will soon get the hang of it, especially with this Tower of Fantasy beginner guide. 

If this guide helped you, be sure to check out Game Masters HQ for more guides, news and reviews about the upcoming and your favorite games. 

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