Tower of Fantasy Characters & Weapons Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Image via Hotta Studio

Here’s our extensive Tower of Fantasy characters (Simulacra) and weapon tier list, including their roles and elements.

Tower of Fantasy has been around for nearly two years and became a home to over thirty Simulacra and weapons. Each has its element, special abilities, and aesthetic that’s unique to them and makes you want to pull for them at all costs.

Of course, it’s all up to you as a player to choose whoever captures your eyes, be it an SSR, SR or R simulacrum/weapon. However, if you’re a meta slave who only puts the best characters in their team, our Tower of Fantasy tier list is here to help! 

Keep on reading to find out which Simulacra/weapons are currently dominating in this complete Tower of Fantasy tier list. 

Tower of Fantasy Character & Weapon Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Image via Hotta Studio

In Tower of Fantasy, the characters, also known as “Simulacrum,” and weapons are bound as one. It means you can only get each type of weapon by getting its owner first. 

Each weapon provides unique abilities with its strengths and weaknesses. However, some weapons are far too weak and less ideal to use because of their capabilities in the game, hence creating the Tower of Fantasy tier list.

In this Tier List, we’ll rank each Simulacrum, including their Weapon, Role, and Element. However, the placement of characters per tier does not impact whether they’re better with other characters in their respective tier.

SSLinShadow WeaverDPSAltered
SSAnnabellaClover CrossDPSFlame
SSRubiliaLost ArtDPSVolt
SSGnonnoMini HurricaneDPSPhysical
SSLiu HuoPine CometDPSFlame
SSClaudiaGuren BladeDPSPhysical
SSTian LangThunderbreakerDPSVolt
SSFionaMoonstar EffectsSupportAltered
SKingScythe of the CrowDPSFlame
SIcarusPrecious OneDPSFrost
SAlyssUnyielding WingDPSFrost
SMerylRosy EdgeDefenseFrost
SHumaMolten Shield V2DefenseFlame
ACobalt-BFlaming RevolverDPSFlame
ASamirDual EM StarsDPSVolt
AShiroChakram of the SeasDPSPhysical
ACocoritterAbsolute ZeroSupportFrost
ATsubasaIcewind ArrowDPSFrost
AZeroNegating CubeSupportFlame
BBai LingNightingale’s FeatherDPSPhysical
BHildaThe TerminatorDPSFrost
BEchoThunderous HalberdDPSVolt
BPepperStaff of ScarsSupportVolt

This Tower of Fantasy tier list will serve as a guideline on what characters are best to use, according to the latest meta. In addition, players will also be able to determine which characters they should invest more in. This ultimately leads to players being able to plan if they want to get their desired characters on their rerun banner.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List Criteria

Here are the following criteria for each tier:

  • Tier SS: Must haves in the team! If you own these Simulacra, put them in your squad! These are very versatile, whether DPS or Support characters. They are the superior characters Tower of Fantasy players can have. They always impact the team regarding damage, utility, and survivability. Characters in this tier can quickly eliminate enemies and contribute significantly to fights. It includes both single-target and area-of-effect damage.
  • Tier S: Only replace with SS Simulacra. These characters are less superior to those in the SS tier. However, they are still versatile, making them very viable to play and invest in, which includes min-maxing.
  • Tier A: Characters in tier A are currently out of meta. They are less efficient to use than the ones in the S tier; however, they can still be viable if played correctly. It is also applicable to SSR characters who fell out of the meta.
  • Tier B: This tier is the lowest among them, as these characters do not significantly impact the team. These characters may be the ones that will carry you in the beginning; it’s better to save your resources rather than further invest in this tier’s characters. 

That’s the end of our Tower of Fantasy Simulacra and weapons tier list. If you have more questions about each Simulacra, its synergies, and the best teams, check out our in-depth Tower of Fantasy beginners guide. Additionally, check out our Tower of Fantasy codes list to receive additional free rewards. 

For more information on Tower of Fantasy Simulacra, Fandom has a great wiki here!

Let us know your thoughts on our tier list in the comments section below!

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