Traffic Escape! Beginners Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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In this Traffic Escape! guide, you’ll find out more about this simple, yet fun and addicting mobile game about cars and traffic that teases your brain, perfect for passing time.

A recently released mobile game, Traffic Escape!, is a casual traffic jam game by FOMO Games, available on AndroidIOS, and PC with the use of emulators. But don’t get fooled by it being a “casual” game, as traffic jam games can be pretty challenging to play. The main objective of this game is very simple: solve the traffic problem without making the cars crash into each other.

Simple right? Well, for the first levels, yes, it is. But if you’ve progressed further, the levels might become a bit complicated, and soon enough, you’ll need more power-ups to continue.

Keep on reading to know more about the game including its mechanics, level progression and even some tips and tricks in this Traffic Escape! guide.

How to Play Traffic Escape: A Beginner’s Guide?

The primary goal of Traffic Escape! is straightforward. Every car has a unique direction that it will take, and players must click or press each vehicle to solve the traffic or get rid of all the cars on the screen to finish the level. Although it is very simple, the game will get much more complex the more you progress further in the game, so it is relatively normal to get confused and be stuck on a certain level. 

Each vehicle has arrows on its roof to indicate its path. A straight arrow means the car will move in a straight line. A left or right arrow means the car will turn in its first turn in that direction. A U-turn arrow means the car will turn twice in either the left or right direction, making a U-path.

Traffic Escape! guide

(Traffic Escape! Image via FOMO Games)

When stuck on a level and clueless about what to do, there are power-ups for players to use in the game. The Helicopter will allow players to remove a vehicle by using a helicopter. It will not matter what kind of vehicle, as all of it is allowed when using this power-up. The other power-up gives a hint, highlighting a car that can be removed and providing a good head-start.

Traffic Escape! Level Progression

Continuing our Traffic Escape! guide, we’ll now tackle its level progression. Each level in Traffic Escape! will exponentially become more complex in the game’s later stages as it adds more vehicles. In some cases, you’ll find yourself in a state of panic when seeing a more significant number of cars, not to mention the Boss Levels and Challenge mode.

Traffic Escape! guide

(Traffic Escape! Image via FOMO Games)

The Boss and Challenge mode levels are harder than the normal levels, with more types of vehicles, more cars and roads, and tangled traffic. Completing these levels will yield coins and trophies, which can help players climb the leaderboard. Some levels include pedestrians who may collide with vehicles, resulting in a failed level. Players can retry the level or pay a lot of coins to continue. Coins can be earned in daily quests and after completing levels, especially Boss Levels.

Boosters or Power-ups

As mentioned earlier in our Traffic Escape! guide, some players might stumble into a level where they have no idea where to start and be eventually stuck in that level. In that case, boosters and power-ups will come in handy. Boosters like the Helicopter and Hint will aid players to un-stuck themselves to a certain level.

By using the Helicopter, players may allow a specific vehicle to be removed, which helps them if they feel like the vehicle is stuck. On the other hand, the Hint button will give players a Hint, highlighting a car with a clear path to exit, allowing players to have a head-start. Players can earn the Helicopter and Hint power-ups by completing Boss Levels.

Traffic Escape! Tips & Tricks 

Panic, and lazy handling of the level is the main enemy when playing this game, especially in Boss Levels or Challenge mode. Eventually, a panicked player will become stuck on the level without any power-ups or boosters. In that case, staying calm is essential to help clarify the mind and think more critically. 

Traffic Escape! guide

(Traffic Escape! Image via FOMO Games)

You can start by looking through the edges for cars that can be quickly taken out, then work your way up until it makes a cascading effect that eventually clears out all of the remaining vehicles. This method will help you clear any level, no matter its difficulty, so remember to take a breather first, then solve.

How to beat Boss Levels

When reaching Boss Levels, players will be able to face a more challenging level than their previous ones. The first order of business is not to panic immediately, as panic will result in a lack of critical thinking, and this game, especially in Boss Levels, needs some critical thinking and logic to finish. Start by taking a breather first, then look for cars that can be easily taken away. This method will result in a cascading effect, eventually clearing a path for another vehicle. Also, remember that there are power-ups or boosters to help you get started.

How to beat Challenge mode Levels

To unlock Challenge mode Levels, players must unlock a certain level first, as the Challenge mode Levels require a certain normal level to be cleared first. After that, players will be able to play the Challenge mode. Challenge mode Levels are a lot like other Boss Levels regarding difficulty level. In that case, calmly assessing the level first is essential as it helps the mind when solving the problem. Then, look for cars that can be quickly taken away, such as cars with direct arrows towards the edge of the level. After that, it will eventually make a path for other cars, resulting in finishing the level. Check out our in-depth Traffic Escape for other tips and tricks! guide. 

How to get Coins

Players can earn coins from many sources throughout the game. First, players can earn coins just by solving each normal level. Players will receive coins as a reward for finishing the level. Additionally, levels such as Boss levels and Challenge mode levels will yield greater coins as a big reward after finishing a challenging level. However, players can also receive coins passively by doing daily quests.

How to get trophies

Players must complete Challenge mode or Boss levels to get and collect trophies in Traffic Escape! This type of level rewards players with trophies to help them climb the leaderboards in Traffic Escape! Trophies are like rank points, which determine a player’s rank from the number of their acquired trophies.

How to complete daily missions

Daily missions in Traffic Escape! consist of different tasks per day. It can be as simple as clearing a level or as hard as clearing a Boss or Challenge mode Level. Daily quests are essential when you need coins. It also refreshes daily, so players must do different tasks daily to get the most coins possible. Check out our in-depth Traffic Escape! guide for other tips and tricks to help you solve Boss and Challenge mode levels.

How to remove ads

Ads in Traffic Escape! are notorious, as some will only take 10 seconds, while others will be as long as half a minute. So, players must pay with real money to get rid of the ads. Aside from removing the ads, players will also receive five Helicopter and Hint boosters and 5,000 gold when they purchase the removal of the ads. 

How to climb the leaderboards

To climb Traffic Escape! leaderboards, players must complete levels, especially Boss and Challenge mode levels. The greater the level, the higher the amount of trophies being rewarded to players when they complete the level. Boss and Challenge mode Levels can be a little bit tricky, so be sure to check our Traffic Escape! guide to help you get started.

That’s everything you need to know as a beginner about Traffic Escape!

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  1. I BELIEVE that the How To Get Coins section is incorrect. Challenge Levels require 150 coins to play a Hard level or 500 coins to play a Super Hard level, but I’m pretty sure you are not rewarded with coins for completing the level. For completing a Hard level you are awarded 20 trophy points and either 1 helicopter OR 1 hint. For completing a Super Hard level you are awarded 40 trophy points and either 3 helicopters OR 3 hints.

  2. After you get to the top league and get the top 🏆, I do not believe there are any higher levels, but you can still compete against others, which is kind of boring. Am I right? After the top league/trophy, you just compete with people who want to win the top trophy?

    1. Yes, I experienced the same. I’ve won the Top League (Legend League) 3 weeks in a row. No further challenge ad yes, kind of boring now.

  3. How do you progress to the gold level
    I’ve claimed every prize and highest ranking in my group and still in silver level
    Been stuck in silver so long that I’m ready to quit game

  4. What are the specials as far as the boosters go? I paid $4.99 for 50,000 coins and some kind of little person booster but I have no idea where to find it or how to use it.

  5. How can I get out of the trophy levels? I want to go back to the regular game, I was way ahead and in first place. I managed to complete gold trophy in first place. Now it put me in another trophy level for another week, help help help

  6. I won the platinum level, was awarded 3000 coins and xx helicopters, was #1 in the Ruby level. When I went back a few hours later to play I was #99, 500 coins, no helicopters. Why did I lose all I’d won by winning the lower level? Anyone know ?

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