Vampire Survivors Tier List: Best Characters To Get First

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Vampire Survivors is probably the most addicting 2D roguelike on the planet right now. It’s a hard game and one that constantly bombards the player with unlocks, skills, and innumerable enemy types to keep them hooked despite the difficulty. But another thing Vampire Survivors has in abundance is the number of playable characters, and in total, they add up to well over fifty. With so many characters available to play you’ll certainly have a tough time picking out the overpowered ones. To help you get through this predicament, here’s a complete Vampire Survivors character tier list.

Vampire Survivors Character Tier List

There are a total of 58 playable characters in Vampire Survivors, including the 16 secret characters and 16 DLC characters. Here’s a complete Vampire Survivors character tier list that ranks every character from best (S) to worst (C).

TierNameStarting WeaponsMain Passive Bonus
SRed DeathDeath Spiral100% Movement Speed
SJe-Ne-VivShadow Servanttriggers a Vacuum
SQueen SigmaVictory Sword+333 Max Health
Starts with 1 Revival. Gains 1 more Revival at level 33.
SGains BorosHeaven Sword+2% Growth every level
SLedaHoly Wand100% Might
SBig TrouserCandybox+1% Greed every level
SAvatar InfernasFlames of MisspellStarts with extra Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
SCosmoPeachone + Ebony WingsGains +1 Recovery and +1% Luck every level
SSammyVicious HungerGains XP when picking up Gold Coins
SGennaro BelpaeseKnife+1 to every projectile
SMinnahBloody TearMight, Projectile Speed, Duration, Area, and Cooldown change every minute.
SMegalo Menya MoonspellHidden BocceCannot be damaged but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit
AAmbrojoeLa RobbaGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3). 
AShe-Moon EetaGlass FandangoFreezes all enemies for 10 seconds when health reaches a critically low level
APugnalaPhiera Der Tuphello + Eight The SparrowGains +1% Might every level
AGyoruntonBraceletGains +1% Curse every level
AConcettaShadow PinionGains +1% Area every level.
ALuminaire FoscariPrismatic MissileTriggers a Rosary when leveling up
AScorej-OniLightning RingGains a hidden Lightning Ring every 8 levels
AGenevieve GruyereShadow Servanttriggers a Vacuum
AArcaFire Wand-5% Cooldown every 10 levels
AMegalo Syuuto Moonspell108 BocceCannot be damaged but disappears after reaching the current Time Limit.
ASmith IVVandalier100% Luck
ABoon MarrabbioThousand Edge+30% Movespeed
BSyuuto MoonspellSummon NightStarts with the Hidden Night Sword. Morphs into a stronger version when his base weapon evolves.
BGav’Et-OniMille Bolle BluGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+4).
BChristinePentagramStarts with 1 extra Level.
BMcCoy-Oni108 BocceArea temporarily increases at fixed intervals.
BMenya MoonspellFour SeasonsBecomes stronger and invincible for a fixed interval after defeating a large amount of enemies.
BPoppeaSong of ManaGains +1% Duration every level.
BMiang MoonspellSilver WindRecovery also multiplies all healing sources.
BBabi-OnnaMirage RobeIgnores weapons cooldown. Weapons fire at a fixed interval when moving.
BEleanor UzinorSpellStringReceives SpellStream at Level 10 and SpellStrike at Level 20. Receives Academy Badge at Level 30.
BAntonioWhipGains 10% more damage every 10 levels
BRottin’ GhoulPart PopperGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+4)
BMaruto CutsEskizziburGains temporary Armor bonus after getting damaged.
BPeppinoSoul EaterStarts with a temporarily reduced area.
BCavalloCherry BombGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3).
BMortaccioBoneGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3)
BDommarioKing BiblePermanent +40% duration and speed, -40% move speed.
BO’SoleCelestial DustingGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3).
BImeldaMagic WandGains 10% more experience every 5 levels 
BPortaLightning RingPermanent +30% Area
CZi’AssuntaVento SacroGains +0.5% Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area every level
CMissingNOAxe/Death SpiralIf Max Health is negative, MissingNO becomes invincible
CKeitha MuortFlash ArrowGains +1% luck every level.
CDivanoLaurelStarts with one extra level and gains +1 Armor every 5 levels
CToastiePeachone100% Luck
CLamaAxeGains +5% Might, MoveSpeed, and Curse every 10 levels 
CPoeGarlicPermanent +25% Pickup radius and -30 Max Health
CGiovannaGatti AmariGains +1% Projectile Speed every level.
CClericiSanta Water
Permanent +0.5 HP/s and +50 Max Health. Starts with temporary area bonus
CBiancaCorrelloGets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3).
CExdashEbony Wings100% Luck
CGalloClock LancetStarts with one extra level. Gains 10% Growth every 5 levels
CPasqualinaRune TracerProjectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels
CRandomRandomChooses a random character for you

Best Characters In Vampire Survivors To Get Early On

While the above-mentioned tier list states pretty clearly which Vampire Survivors characters are the best, here are the S-tier ones you should get early, along with why.

1. Gennaro Belpaese

Image: Poncle

Gennaro isn’t an S-tier character by any means when you put him side-to-side with others like Queen Sigma, but for new players, he is the best character to get first.

Choosing Gennaro will add +1 to every projectile weapon you have during the run. This is a lifesaver if you have just started out and have no permanent upgrades unlocked. Furthermore, Gennaro’s primary weapon is the Knife which arguably is the best evolved weapon from the default characters available because it infinitely spawns projectiles. Since Gennaro’s a default character, you can unlock him pretty quickly in exchange for 500 Gold Coins.

2. Mask of the Red Death

Mask of the Red Death, Vampire Survivors character tier list
Image: Poncle

Now if we talk about actual S-tiers, Mask of the Red Death will likely be the first overpowered character you unlock, owing to how straightforward, albeit difficult, the process is. After you kill The Reaper that appears at minute 30 in most stages, you’ll unlock Mask of the Red Death as a playable character.

The Red Death’s starting weapon is the Death Spiral, the evolved form of the Scythe. On top of having an evolved weapon as its default, the Red Death also has the highest movespeed in the game, so you can see pretty clearly why you should unlock this character.

If you’d like to read more about these characters the Fandom website has an entire Vampire Survivors encyclopedia. Alternatively, there are lots more stellar guides here on Game Masters HQ.

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