Vampire Survivors – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Ever since its release in October 2022, Vampire Survivors has had the gaming industry in a chokehold with its addictive roguelike shooter gameplay. You’ll find people spending more time on Vampire Survivors than they do on most AAA titles, and for good reason.

Vampire Survivors is available on multiple platforms; mobile, PC, consoles, and handhelds. You’ll find it on almost any device. That said, it’s a darn tough game. Quite stressful even if you aren’t familiar with what the actual goal is. Here’s an ultimate Vampire Survivors beginner’s guide that will clear up the mechanics as well as let you in on a few amazing tips and tricks.

Vampire Survivors Gameplay

In Vampire Survivors you move a playable character while they automatically attack endless waves of enemies. A run in the stages can last anywhere between 15-30 minutes and completing them unlocks rewards, new stages, weapons, and playable characters.

Vampire Survivors Gameplay
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Defeating enemies and collecting the Experience Gems they drop will increase the player’s level. Upon reaching the next level, the player will be prompted to choose a new weapon or a passive (this is the addicting part). Weapons and passives can be stacked up to 6 each, and sometimes more if certain conditions are met.

Furthermore, players earn gold coins during stages and can then purchase permanent upgrades such as more health, weapon projectiles, and even other unique features such as the ability to Banish weapons during a run. Thankfully, Vampire Survivors is not a gacha game.

Weapon Evos

Weapons can also be upgraded and at their highest tier, provided you have the required passive item, they evolve into stronger variants of themselves upon opening a chest obtained from defeating strong enemies or bosses. These are called weapon Evolutions and are extremely overpowered. Players can evolve every equipped weapon during a run, and also unlock a reward for doing so.

Arcana System

Vampire Survivors Arcana System
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After collecting the “Randomazzo” relic on the Gallo Tower stage, players unlock the Arcana system. Getting specific characters to level 50 in any run permanently unlocks an Arcana. These cards provide buffs such as health gain from coins, critical damage rate increase, and more.

Here are some of the best Vampire Survivors Arcana cards to get first.

ArcanaEffect(s)How To Unlock
GeminiListed weapons come with a counterpartReach Level 50 with Pugnala
AwakeGives +3 Revivals. Consuming a Revival gives +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.Reach Level 50 with Krochi
BeginningListed weapons get +1 Amount. The character’s main weapon and its evolution gain +3 Amount insteadReach Level 50 with Antonio

Vampire Survivors Characters & Abilities

Vampire Survivors has 58 playable characters and each of them possesses a unique weapon and passive ability. While the characters of one weapon can be unlocked by other characters doing a run, the passive abilities are wholly unique to the character. Additionally, some characters also start with evo weapons, and they are resultantly far superior to others.

Vampire Survivors Characters
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Vampire Survivors Character Tier List

Here are some of the best Vampire Survivors characters to get first.

CharacterWeapon/Passive AbilityHow To Unlock
GennaroKnife/+1 Projectile (All Weapons)Default character
Gains BorosHeaven Sword+2% Growth every level
Red DeathDeath Spiral/ +100% MovespeedDefeat The Reaper

For the complete Vampire Survivors character tier list, refer to our tier list page.

Vampire Survivors Stages, Modifiers, & Modes

Excluding DLCs, Vampire Survivors has 5 normal/story stages and about a dozen bonus and secret stages. Some stages have modifiers on them; they might be tougher, have more gold coins, or have more character movement speed.

Vampire Survivors Stages
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Here are all of the main stages in Vampire Survivors.

StageHow To UnlockUnique Rewards
Mad ForestDefault levelPugnala Provola, Boon Marrabbio
Inlaid LibraryUnlocked by reaching level 20 in the Mad ForestStone Mask, Empty Tome, Grim Grimoire, Giovanna Grana, Avatar Infernas
Dairy PlantUnlocked by reaching level 40 in the Inlaid LibraryMilky Way Map, Ars Gouda, Poppea Pecorina, Minnah Mannarah
Gallo TowerUnlocked by reaching level 60 in the Dairy PlantRandomazzo, Sorceress’ Tears, Concetta Caciotta, Leda
Cappella MagnaUnlocked by reaching level 80 in the Gallo TowerGreat Gospel, Zi’Assunta Belpaese, Cosmo Pavone

Every stage also has toggleable modes that affect the time limit, speed, or enemy count. They are Hurry, Inverse, Hyper, and Endless, and can be unlocked by beating boss characters found at minute 25:00 within the respective stages.

Vampire Survivors Tips & Tricks

This Vampire Survivors guide contains plenty of sick tips and tricks for beginners. Here’s what you should know.

Gennaro Will Help You Get Past The First Stages

Vampire Survivors Gennaro
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New players will have just learned about weapon Evolutions. Gennaro’s weapon, the Knife, evos into the Thousand Edge. It’s probably the most broken weapon from the default characters and it’ll shred through enemies like butter. If you’re stuck on the first stages, Gennaro is the character to pick.

Arcana Are Overpowered As Hell

After unlocking the Arcana system, getting a couple of characters to level 50 should be your priority. For example, the Arcana you get from making Krocchi level 50 once gives you 3 Revives, as well as more max health, Might, Area, and Duration. The Arcana buffs are unbelievably strong and by having them equipped you’ll fly through most of the stages.

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