Warcraft Rumble Tier List – Best Minis for 2023

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Wondering what are the best minis to add to your troop? Look no further, as this Warcraft Rumble tier list is all you’ll ever need.

Warcraft Rumble, by Blizzard Entertainment is a relatively new game and players, especially beginners, may require some assistance regarding what to add to their troops. Getting new minis from the G.R.I.D requires gold coins and can become pretty expensive. Especially for beginners, the amount of gold coins can be scarce, hence a player must think twice before purchasing a new mini and investing resources in it. Otherwise, they might end up bringing in a less effective mini to their team, which could reduce their chances of winning.

And if you’re a newbie looking for the best minis for your team then you’re in the perfect place. Here’s a comprehensive Warcraft Rumble tier list ranking every mini and leader from SS to B, depending on their effectiveness.

Warcraft Rumble Tier List

Presented below is a Warcraft Rumble tier list for 2023. The minis at the top of this tier list are deemed strong and effective in all aspects, while the ones below are underperforming leaders. Additionally, the minis with (L) are leaders who lead the troops in battle.

TierMiniMini TypeAttack TypeTalents
SSBaron Rivendare (L)MeleeSingle targetDeath Pact, Skeletal Frenzy, Chill of the Grave
SSRend Blackhand (L)FlyingArea of EffectFlaming Soul, Scale and Steel, Legionnaire
SSTirion Fording (L)MeleeSingle targetDivine Shield, Consecrate, By The Light
SSQuilboarMeleeSingle targetBristleback, Tunnel Vision, Bramble Burst
SSDarkspear TrollRangedSingle targetBid Bad Voodoo, Headhunting, Serpent Sting
SSBlizzardSpellArea of EffectCold Snap, Icecrown, Brittle Ice
SSDefias BanditMeleeSquadDeadly Poison, Pick Lock, Last Resort
SSGryphon RiderFlyingSingle targetAir Drop, Odyn’s Fury, Mighty Throw
SSDrakeFlyingArea of EffectMother Drake, Roost, Engulfing Flames
SSStonehoof TaurenMeleeSingle targetPummel, Momentum, Provoke
SSPyromancerRangedArea of EffectPyroblast, Conflagrate, Blaze of Glory
SSHuntressRangedArea of EffectDarnassian Steel, Elven Might, Shadowmeld
SSWhelp EggsFlyingSquadRookery, Flame Burst, Chromatic Plating
SSHarpiesFlyingSquadInfectious Swipes, Trinket Collectors, Talon Dive
SSAbominationMeleeArea of EffectNoxious Presence, Cannonball, Fresh Meat
SSS.A.F.E. PilotRangedArea of EffectGnomish Cloaking, Comin’ In Hot!, Gnomish Muttonizer
SSChain LightningSpellArea of EffectBrilliant Flash, Storm’s Reach, Reverberation
SHogger (L)MeleeArea of EffectHam Hock, Spoiled Meat, Fatal Frenzy
SOld Murk-Eye (L)RangedArea of EffectTip of the Spear, Marathon of the Murlocs, Electric Eels
SBloodmage Thalnos (L)RangedArea of EffectBane, Drain Life, Dominance
SMaiev Shadowsong (L)MeleeArea of EffectEnveloping Shadows, Shadowstep, Remorseless
SSneed (L)MeleeArea of EffectMine is Money, Friend!, Lead With Greed, Land Grab
SBansheeRangedSingle targetSoul Eruption, Unholy Frenzy, Will of the Necropolis
SNecromancerRangedSingle targetCult of the Damned, Jeweled Skulls, Breath of the Dying
SGargoyleFlyingSingle targetWing Buffet, Obsidian Statue, Aerial Superiority
SGnoll BruteMeleeArea of EffectRabid, Pillage, Thick Hide
SCore HoundsMeleeSquadFiery Rebirth, Guard Dog, Eternal Bond
SProwlerMeleeSingle targetOn the Prowl, Pack Leader, Predatory Instincts
SBat RiderFlyingArea of EffectFlaming Pitch, Enchanted Vials, Fiery Surplus
SFlamewakerRangedArea of EffectHeat Stroke, Engulf, Backdraft
SWarsong RaiderMeleeSingle targetSaboteur, Razing Focus, Sunder Armor
SMeat WagonRangedArea of EffectMeat and Bones, Filet Trebuchet, Greased Gears
SEarth ElementalSiege Specialist/MeleeSingle targetReady to Rumble, Shrapnel Blast, Obsidian Shard
SFrostwolf ShamanRangedSingle targetEarthwall Totem, Lighning Mastery, Earth Shield
ACairne Bloodhoof (L)MeleeArea of EffectReincarnation, Plainsrunning, Aftershock
ACharlga Razorflank (L)RangedSingle targetNature’s Grasp, Cavernous Mists, Spirit Passage
ASylvanas Windrunner (L)RangedSingle targetBlack Arrow, Banshee’s Wail, Forsaken Fury
AJaina Proudmoore (L)RangedSingle targetBlink, Clearcasting, Flurry
AGeneral Drakkisath (L)MeleeSingle targetChromatic Scales, Piercing Blows, Lasting Legacy
AOgre MageRangedArea of EffectFrostfire Bolt, Ignite, Avarice
AHoly NovaSpellArea of EffectInner Fire, Renew, Amplify Magic
AWarsong GruntsMeleeSquadBlood Pact, Guard Duty, Command
ASpiderlingsMeleeSquadBloated Carapace, Frostbite, Envenom
ASkeletonsMeleeSquadQuesting Buddies, Cackle, Exhume
AHarvest GolemMeleeSingle targetTrojan Chickens, Unstable Core, Bountiful Harvest
AExecuteSpellArea of EffectBloodthirsty, Killing Spree, Overpower
ARaptorsMeleeSquadStrength in Numbers, Fast Food, Motivation
AMurloc TidehuntersRangedSquadSafety Bubble, Careful Aim, Morelocs
AFootmenMeleeSquadShield Bash, Fortification, Last Stand
ADark Iron MinerMeleeSingle targetDark Iron Armaments, Gold Mine, Dwarven Ambition
AVulturesFlyingSquadTendon Rip, Feeding Frenzy, Migration
BSkeleton PartyMelee/RangedSquad5-Man, Corpse Run, Ritual of Rime
BPolymorphSpellArea of EffectGolden Fleece, Exploding Sheep, Stable Transfiguration
BCheat DeathSpellArea of EffectSeal Fate, Vampirism, Apocalypse
BWorgenMeleeSingle targetLone Wolf, Premeditation, Frenzy
BFire ElementalMeleeArea of EffectImmolation Aura, Molten Core, Fan the Flames
BSmoke BombSpellArea of EffectStrangers in the Night, Band of Thieves, Through the Shadows
BGoblin SapperSiege SpecialistSquadExtra BOOM, Rocket Powered, Crude Gunpowder
BGhoulMeleeSingle targetBone Shield, Ravenous, Taste for Blood
BPlague FarmerRangedArea of EffectParting Gift, Virulence, Splashing Pumpkins
BLiving BombSpellArea of EffectBurden of Fate, Chain Reaction, Blast Radius
BArcane BlastSpellArea of EffectAmplification, Arcane Power, Torrent
BFirehammerRangedSingle targetMoultin’ Metal, Blazing Speed, Heightened Rage
BMolten GiantMeleeSingle targetThreatening Presence, Blood Of The Mountain, Bolster
BAngry ChickensMeleeSquadSnackrifice, Walking Crate, Furious Fowl
BDeep BreathSpellArea of EffectAttunement, Melting Pot, Double Dragon
BMountainerRangedSquadFrenzied Spirit, Mend Pets, Intimidation

Best Warcraft Rumble Minis For 2023

In this Warcraft Rumble tier list, you will see several minis above and beyond the rest. Whether they’re a great leader for your troop, cost-efficient, or their overall effectiveness, these Warcraft Rumble minis excel in all aspects.

Baron Rivendare

Baron Rivendare, Warcraft Rumble top characters
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Baron Rivendare is a powerful Undead Leader in Warcraft Rumble. He has high health, is fast, and deals elemental damage. That said, he can also catch up to friendly troops who require immediate assistance. Additionally, with his Death Pact, he can sacrifice a nearby skeleton for him to heal. This talent makes him more challenging to take down, as he has excellent survivability.

Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand, top leaders in Warcraft Rumble
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Rend Blackhand is also one of the best leaders on our Warcraft Rumble tier list, mainly because of how effective this leader is. He deals tons of damage in an area of effect (AoE) while also being able to fly, countering any melee-type minis. Moreover, he can also transform into melee form after being taken down with his drake. Rend Blackhand will then attack the opponent with himself, dashing and stunning them. His talent also makes him a great leader, as it lessens the cost of other flying troops, having the possibility to attack with a flying horde.


Quilboar Warcraft Rumble tier list
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Quilboar is an Unbound Melee Mini in Warcraft Rumble. It is a slow-emerging burrower with high health and is resistant to elemental damage. That said, the Quilboar in Warcraft Rumble is a tanky beast, being able to frontline against any melee and ranged minis. However, players must take his talent, called “Tunnel Vision,” to deploy him as much as possible.


Huntress, best ranged mini in Warcraft Rumble
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Huntress is also one of the top picks in our Warcraft Rumble tier list for taking down enemies with a single shot. Its projectile bounces off multiple nearby enemies, taking damage in progress. This unit is also the best for clearing flying-type minis, as they’re more vulnerable to ranged types like the Huntress.


Blizzard Warcraft tier list
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Last, but certainly not the least, is the Blizzard. This spell is a powerful blizzard, raining down on opponents in a circular area of effect (AoE.) It deals a massive chunk of damage while also slowing down enemies who are caught in the AoE. The Blizzard is effective against a horde of enemies marching in groups.

Warcraft Rumble Tier List Criteria

Here are the following criteria for our Warcraft Rumble tier list.

  • Tier SS: These are the must-have minis in Warcraft Rumble. Players must prioritize getting them over any other units in the game. They are all perfect in the current meta, and putting them in your team will yield significant benefits.
  • Tier S: They are inferior to tier SS minis but still viable. Players can replace tier SS minis who they don’t have with these heroes. It is also safe for players to level up and upgrade these minis until they get their preferred tier SS minis.
  • Tier A: These minis are mid-tier across all tiers. They somewhat lack special abilities that will make them more formidable in battle. However, they can still be viable when paired with the right troops.
  • Tier B: These minis should not be used by anyone. They are not currently good in the meta, bringing little to no benefit when deployed. It is better to save your experience tomes to other minis in higher tier.

That concludes Game Masters HQ’s Warcraft Rumble Tier List. This tier list will serve as a guide to help beginners determine which characters are the best to invest in and add to the team. However, it is all up to the players whether they want to put their favorite Warcraft characters on their team. After all, there’s no stopping you about your preferences in-game.

For more information about this game, check our Warcraft Rumble guide for more tips and tricks. For other guides, news, and reviews about your favorite games, be sure to check GameMastersHQ to stay updated.

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