We Are Warriors – Ultimate Beginners’ Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

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Lessmore UG’s We Are Warriors is a mobile strategy game that came out in September 2023 on iOS and Android. If you’re familiar with The Battle Cats, We Are Warriors has a pretty similar concept. You and your opponent start with a base/fortress at opposite ends of the field. Your goal is to pump out forces and power through your opponent’s own army.

The game starts out very slow but eventually picks up once more features are unlocked. If you want to get a head start, it’s best to start learning the game’s systems now. Want to be the best warrior in all of the ages? Well, read on. This We Are Warriors ultimate beginner’s guide is just what you need.

We Are Warriors Gameplay – A Roguelike Age Of War

We Are Warriors Gameplay
We Are Warriors Gameplay – Image Source: Lessmore UG

As mentioned above, We Are Warriors shares The Battle Cats’ gameplay. However, there’s actually a game that’s even more similar. Age Of War is a game that came out in 2007. You make units from your base to charge at the enemy, and once you gather enough gold, you can evolve into the next age and produce stronger units.

Once you beat your opponent, you’ll have to face them again, but now they’re in the next age. To match them, you have to evolve with them. You start with the Stone Age and make your way up to the futuristic Space Age.

The currency for spawning units is meat, which you gain at a slow but steady rate. This means you will have to lose several games before you get your first win. We Are Warriors has roguelike elements where you can purchase upgrades in between battles using the gold you received from previous battles. Gold is earned by defeating enemy units and damaging their base.

Beginner’s strategy for spawning units

Though it’s tempting to just spam out whatever units come to mind, remember that your resources are limited. Also, you should know that the enemy spawns units in a pattern

For instance, during the Stone Age battle, the AI will first spawn 1 club, then another, then two clubs at the same time, then three. Memorize the AI’s unit spawn pattern and timing to counter them effectively.

Another important thing to note is that the enemy is not endless. Each AI for every age will only spawn a certain number of units before stopping completely. If you can manage to tough out the enemy’s waves, in the end, there will be literally nothing defending their base. 

Don’t worry about trying to rush into your enemy’s base early on thinking that charging them while they aren’t mass-spawning units is ideal. They will run out eventually.

We Are Warriors Upgrades Guide

The Upgrade Screen
The Upgrade Screen – Image Source: Lessmore UG

We Are Warriors only has two simple main upgrades: an upgrade for increasing your meat-per-second rate and one for increasing your base’s health.

There’s also card summoning, which allows you to spend gems to gain passive abilities, like a damage buff to all your units.

Also, this isn’t technically an upgrade, but for each age, you can purchase two new unit types. You only start with one unit type every time you evolve, so unlock those two ASAP to counter your opponent more efficiently.

Which Upgrade Should You Prioritize?

A common rookie mistake is prioritizing your base health rather than your meat-per-second rate. The base health upgrade only increases your health by a negligible amount. Concentrate on trying to keep the enemy from reaching your base at all. If you find yourself losing, it can always be solved by just having more units at your disposal.

We Are Warriors Evolution And Timeline Guide

The Evolution Screen
The Evolution Screen – Image Source: Lessmore UG

Eventually, you’ll hit a wall when you notice your opponent is currently just too strong. When that time comes, instead of spending your gold on more upgrades, consider saving up for evolution.

When you evolve, you get a whole new set of units, stronger than before. Evolution gives you a massive power spike. The power difference between two ages is huge. So huge, that even the starting unit of the next age is enough to beat the last one’s entire arsenal after a few meat-per-second upgrades.

There is a temporary downside to evolution though. Here’s what you lose.

What Gets Reset On Evolution?

Upon evolving, you will lose your progress. So, if you have already beaten the Stone Age level, you’ll have to do it again to advance. It’ll be way easier this time though, so it’s totally worth it.

Your meat-per-second upgrades, base health upgrades, and gold will also be reset upon evolving.

The only things you get to keep after evolving are your gems and upgrade cards.

Moving To A Different Timeline

We Are Warriors Next Timeline
Moving To Timeline 2 – Image Source: Lessmore UG

So what happens when you beat the Space Age stage? Does the game just end? Nope, now you can move on to a different timeline.

Moving to another timeline will send you back to the past, but everything is slightly different. The Stone Age is now the Neolithic Age, followed by the Bronze Age. Each timeline will have all-new ages with all-new units.

Zombie Rush
The Zombie Rush Dungeon – Image Source: Lessmore UG

What’s more is you now have access to Dungeons, special game modes where you must defeat a certain number of enemies. You can only play them for a limited number of times daily, but they reward you with gems, so don’t forget to do them.

Moving to more timelines will also unlock better upgrade cards and special events, which gives you a reason to keep playing.

Whenever you evolve, you will only restart to the first age in your timeline. You won’t have to go all the way back to the first timeline.

We Are Warriors Tips And Tricks

Gun V Sword
Bringing A Gun To A Sword Fight – Image Source: Lessmore UG

Farm the previous time age for gold

Make a note of how much gold you’re earning against your most modern opponent vs beating the past age. Sometimes, if you’re fresh from evolution, you’ll find yourself earning a lot more eliminating the entire past stage rather than only killing a few enemies in the latest age.

Speed up the game when farming

On the upper-left side of the screen, below the settings, is a button that will allow you to use x1.5 speed. Unfortunately, you must first watch an ad to keep it toggled on for 5 minutes, which is a hassle. 

Still, speeding up is useful for battles you already know you’ll win. Use it when farming for gold in lower age stages. Using it right after you evolve to breeze past the early ages might also be worth it. 

Wait to spawn more units at once

We Are Warriors Multi-Spawn
Spawning Multiple Units At Once Image Source: Lessmore UG

It’s best to fight hordes of enemies with your own hordes. Wait until they get close to your base to save as much meat as possible before unleashing an army. Then, once you find yourself at an advantage, stop producing units and save up meat to do it all over again.

Keep Doing Daily Missions

We Are Warriors only has five daily missions and they’re all relatively simple to do. So keep doing them to earn gems.

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