Whiteout Survival Game Guide, Tip & Tricks

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Here’s everything you need to know about Whiteout Survival, a base-building game where you rebuild your frozen city.

Whiteout Survival is a survival strategy game developed and published by Century Games. If you’re playing on a PC, you might need an emulator, as it is only available on iOS and Android devices. However, Whiteout Survival is not your typical base-building game; you must also account for the devastating snowstorms. 

This game is set in the snow lands with very harsh snowy weather. That said, you’ll have to reinforce your city and make a warm and comfortable place for survivors not to get sick.

If you’re struggling to balance everything at once, don’t worry; this Whiteout Survival guide will help you survive any hardship in your frozen city.

Whiteout Survival Game Play

In this game, you’ll have to manage a city set in an apocalyptic theme where snowstorms devastate everything on its path. Then, to survive that calamity, you’ll have to make and construct structures, such as a furnace, to make your survivors thrive and overcome the harsh cold weather.

furnace from whiteout survival
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In Whiteout Survival, watching for your city’s temperature is essential. Having it at shallow levels will make survivors sick and eventually cause your city’s workforce loss. Take note that your survivors are the ones who operate your structures and facilities, so be wary of their health and happiness as well.

There is also a combat score where your city’s overall stat is calculated. Each point comes from your troops, building, tech, chief gear, and hero power. In short terms, this score represents the overall strength of your city; the higher, the better.


You can test your PVP prowess in this game mode as you battle against players in this one-versus-one mode. There is also a leaderboard where you can see which ones are the top-ranked players.

Arena in whiteout survival
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Players can earn arena points by winning against other players. However, you will neither lose nor gain arena points if you lose a battle or if another player challenges you. You can only earn if you initiate the challenge through your arena.

Heroes in Whiteout Survival

In the apocalyptic Whiteout Survival, heroes will help you explore dangerous areas and gather materials for your city. Players must form a formidable troop to conquer the world outside their city. But first, we must know each hero class through our Whiteout Survival guide.

Hero Classes

In this game, finding the right balance of hero classes is essential. Each team must have a tank, marksman, and lancer to get a well-rounded troop. If you only have a single type across your forces, you’ll face defeat sooner or later, as class variety is vital in Whiteout Survival.

all heroes in whiteout survival
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Listed below are all classes in Whiteout Survival.

Hero ClassDescription
InfantryTank. Has the highest defense and health points among other classes.
MarksmanRanged damage dealers. Has higher attack attributes.
LancerMid-range combat. They’re also good damage dealers.

Hero Abilities

Every hero has unique talents or abilities that each can contribute to your troop. Each hero has an active and passive skill. Active skills are abilities players can cast and will be put on cooldown after activation. 

Players can use their heroes’ abilities by pressing a hero icon in combat. On the other hand, passive skills are a particular type of ability that is always active, does not need activation, and can modify a stat or different skills.

abilities in whiteout survival
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Whiteout Survival Levels And Stages

Whiteout Survival has several stages and levels for players to progress through, and they can find it on the Exploration tab. These stages are like floor levels that keep getting higher as players progress. Additionally, each floor has an enemy that increases in power as you reach higher levels, rewarding you with materials after clearing them.

exploration, levels and stages
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You can also encounter boss levels as you progress through this game mode. Players can then find boss levels in increments of five, such as 25, 30, 35, etc. It is also worth noting that clearing boss levels can give you more rewards, so be sure to progress the exploration now and then.

Upgrading Your Heroes In Whiteout Survival

You can upgrade your heroes by heading to the Heroes tab between the Exploration and Backpack tab. Players can choose a hero they want to level up by pressing the “Upgrade” button. However, leveling up a character requires a material called Hero XP, which you can acquire through exploration missions.

smith hero
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Leveling up your character is one way of upgrading its stats and combat power. However, you can also ascend them to score an extra combat power for your team. If you have enough shards for the specific character, press the upward arrow to increase its tier.

Best Heroes In Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival has several heroes to choose from. Beginner players might need some standards or clarifications about which ones are the best in general. So, here are some of the best heroes to use in Whiteout Survival that newbie players should aim to get.


molly whiteout survival guide

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Molly is among the best heroes, especially for beginners in their early game. Her wide area of effect (AoE) attack, the Super Snowball skill, provides excellent damage output that can eliminate enemies in huge numbers. Although she may be a decent mid-range dealer, she must be put at the back, as she is pretty squishy.


sergey whiteout survival guide
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Sergey is great at being the team’s tank. He can soak up much damage thanks to his vast, impenetrable shield. Also, remember that he has an area of effect damage that can help lower the enemy’s health. He also has a skill where he can reduce the incoming damage of all friendly troops, giving them more survivability in battle. By being a tank, players must always place Sergey in the frontline.


bahiti whiteout survival guide
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Bahiti can provide great value for the team despite being an SR hero. His Precise Shot, which deals a whopping 560% of his attack at max level, can eliminate and snipe enemies from afar. Bahiti should be positioned at the backline to negate any incoming damage.

Map and World Exploration in Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival has a vast world exploration, which can be seen on the “World” tab at the lower-right part of the screen. There, you can see beasts, polar terror, and all kinds of resources for your city. You can also find other towns where you can attack or scout other players. However, you’ll be much safer against threats if you’ve joined an alliance, as you can move your city near your clan mates.

map exploration in Whiteout Survival
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Whiteout Survival Tips And Tricks

Now that we’ve learned the basics of this game from our Whiteout Survival guide, we’ll tackle some easy to advanced tips and tricks to get beginner players started in this game.

Progress the Exploration Stages

As mentioned earlier, the Exploration provides several resources when completed. Players can earn materials such as Hero XP, meat, wood, coal, iron, and even diamonds. These are essential, especially for beginner players, as they must stock up materials to upgrade their city.

Join Alliances

Players can receive accelerated support when building their city by being in an alliance or training troops for battle, lessening the time requirement. Alliances can also help you defeat Polar Terrors and buy gift packs to provide rewards for members. Not to mention that they can also help you fend off disasters together by sending reinforcements to your city.

That’s the end of our Whiteout Survival guide. After following our guide, you’ll be able to conquer any disaster that your city will encounter. Also, for more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews, news, and gaming codes about your games, so stay updated.

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