Whiteout Survival – Hero Gear Guide

Whiteout Survival Hero Gear Guide

Are you planning to upgrade your current heroes in Whiteout Survival? Don’t worry, as this hero guide is all you’ll ever need.

Whiteout Survival has been available on Android and iOS for some time now. Many players have already progressed into the game where challenging foes are much powerful than their regular heroes. As a result, they need a much better upgrade. And this is where Hero Gears come into play. These gears are essential to unlocking the heroes’ full potential. However, getting said equipment can be complicated, especially if you’re a new player.

If you’re one of the new ones wanting to upgrade your heroes with the best equipment in this game, this Whiteout Survival hero gear guide will help you gather the best equipment to defeat formidable foes.

Unlocking Hero Gear in Whiteout Survival

To start equipping hero gears in Whiteout Survival, you must meet specific requirements first. The prerequisite is upgrading your furnace to level 15. This enables the player to get and equip hero gear. Additionally, the said types of equipment can boost the heroes’ stats and abilities, helping you progress further in the game as a result.

Unlocking hero gears in Whiteout Survival
Image via Century Games

Certain heroes, such as an SSR tier hero, Natalia, come equipped with an extra gear slot. This bonus slot opens up many possibilities for strategic planning and building. Typically, this additional space is set aside for what’s referred to as “Exclusive Gear.” 

Natalia, an SSR tier Hero
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On the other hand, most heroes usually have access to four standard gear slots: Headgear, Gloves, Belts, and Boots. Each of these slots provides different attribute bonuses, which are listed below.

Gear PieceAttribute Bonuses
HeadgearAttack, Health, and Lethality Command Boost
GlovesDefense, Health, and Health Command Boost
BeltsDefense, Health, and Health Command Boost
BootsAttack, Health, and Lethality Command Boost

How to Get Hero Gears in Whiteout Survival

Now that we know how to unlock gears through our Whiteout Survival guide, we’ll tackle how to obtain one. Common and Uncommon types of gear are the ones you should focus on if you’re starting from the game. They are the easiest to get, from Exploration mode, Arena Battles, and Intel Missions.

Exploration in Whiteout Survival
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However, if you’re one of the experienced players, you might aim for something higher, like Epic and Mythic gear. That said, you would need to do many Arena activities, as the Arena Shop requires Arena Tokens to acquire said equipment.

Arena Battles, Challenge List
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Equipping Hero Gears

Now that you’ve access to the hero equipment, the next step is to equip them effectively so your designated heroes can unlock their full potential. Players can do it by heading into the heroes tab and selecting which heroes they want to equip gears.

Gear tab in Whiteout Survival
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Hero Gear Types in Whiteout Survival

It is also worth noting that gears have different types, which can be designated only to the same kind of hero wearing it. For example, Molly is a Lancer-type hero, so the gears or equipment she can only use are Lancer-type ones. Additionally, you can see the hero’s class type above your selected character, indicated by a class logo, for those who are still wondering.

Molly SSR hero in Whiteout Survival
Image via Century Games

Hero Gear Tiers

Hero Gears have different tiers that determine the quality of stats they provide to a hero. High-tier equipment can benefit your hero significantly, giving massive amounts of attack, defense, and lethality stats. Although Lethality command boosts are all present in each tier, the amount each quality provides significantly differs from each one.

Hero gear tiers
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Here are all the Gear Tiers and their tier color quality to quickly differentiate each.

Gear TierTier Color

How to Level up Hero Gear in Whiteout Survival

Now that we know how to equip gears through our Whiteout Survival guide, we’ll discuss upgrading and levelling them, which results in further excellent stats. That said, players can achieve this by hovering on the gear tab inside the backpack tab. However, you need experience points (XP) to level up your equipment, which enhancement materials provide.

Here are all the experience points requirements for each gear level.

Gear LevelTotal Experience Points (XP) Needed

Raising or upgrading a gear level to 100 requires 73,320 experience points, which players can acquire using enhancement materials. By maxing its level, players can now enable its full potential, providing the maximum stats it can provide.

That’s the end of our Whiteout Survival Hero Gear guide. After learning through our guide, you can more viably decimate formidable enemies in the late game. Also, for more guides like this, check out GameMastersHQ. We also have reviews, news, and gaming codes about your games, so stay updated.

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