Whiteout Survival Tier List – Best Heroes For 2024

Whiteout Survival Tier List for 2024

Are you looking for the best heroes to use in Whiteout Survival? Look no further, as this Whiteout Survival tier list is all you’ll ever need.

Whiteout Survival is a strategy game developed by Century Games, and it’s been on the market for over a year now. Although much time has passed, there haven’t been any significant changes, and the core mechanics and tips have remained the same. That said, players who are just starting can still catch up to the game pretty effectively regarding strategies and overall game knowledge.

However, if you want to have the best in the game or are already min-maxing, this tier list is for you. This Whiteout Survival tier list will help you determine which are great by ranking every hero from the SS to the B tier.

Whiteout Survival Tier List

There are many choices when picking the best hero for you. However, we’ve compiled a complete Whiteout Survival Tier List of all heroes, ranking them according to their effectiveness. The heroes at the top of the list are deemed the strongest, while those below are underperforming.

TierHeroRarityHero ClassType
BWalis BokanSRLancerCombat

It is also worth noting that a character’s rarity sometimes does not determine its tier. Some high-rarity heroes can yield insignificant benefits to your team, while others do not. That said, it is essential to know their kits first to know which ones fit your troops.

Best Heroes to Use In Whiteout Survival For 2024

In this Whiteout Survival Heroes Tier List, you’ll find several ones that stand out from the rest. The following heroes yield significant benefits to your arsenal when you get lucky to get them, so watch out for them whether you’ve already acquired one.

Molly, Best Hero in our Whiteout Survival Tier list

Molly, Whiteout Survival Tier List
image via Century Games

Don’t be fooled by her cannon weapon; this character is a strong lancer unit leader who can lead your troops to victory. Her stealth capabilities, high burst damage, and attack speed buff make her one of the most formidable heroes in Whiteout Survival. She can also buff the damage of her troop, making adding her to your arsenal more essential.


Bahiti, Whiteout Survival Tier List
Image via Century Games

Having him on your team is essentially accessible, as he is only an SR marksman unit. However, he is not to be underestimated, as he can deal enormous damage with his Precise Shot ability. That said, he’s excellent at taking down enemies in a single-target fashion, making him a good choice against bosses.


Image via Century Games

This SR Infantry unit is by far the best defender and crowd-controller in the game, protecting and disrupting enemies with his shield. He can reduce the incoming damage of his allies while also increasing their defense, scaling from its level. If you’ve already got a copy of him, feel free to add him to your team immediately, especially as a beginner.


Image via Century Games

This SSR Infantry unit can be challenging to acquire due to its rarity, and consider yourself lucky if you’ve already got her. Although Natalia may not be a fully-pledged tank, she can buff her troops with increased attack for being a natural leader. Additionally, she can further boost her attack upon taking damage, making her an excellent overall tank.


Image via Century Games

Another SR unit on our list is Patrick, the marksman-combat character. This cook can buff your allies by providing attack and health with his food. He’s also a great overall ranged hero because of his self-healing capabilities in the backline.

Whiteout Survival Tier List Criteria

Here are the criteria for each tier in our Whiteout Survival Heroes Tier List.

  • Tier SS: These are the must-have heroes in Whiteout Survival! They are the best among all heroes. Getting lucky when you get them in hero recruitment would yield significant benefits.
  • Tier S: Players can use these heroes as an alternative if they do not have a copy of the Tier SS ones. They may be inferior to the SS tiers but still formidable to use, especially for beginners.
  • Tier A: These are the mid-tier heroes across all tiers. Players can still use these through specific scenarios and still be viable. However,  it is more recommended to get the higher-tier heroes if possible.
  • Tier B: These heroes are the underperforming ones. Some may still be good at specific functions, but not worth getting, especially if you own their higher-tier counterpart.

That’s the end of our Whiteout Survival Tier List. Each hero’s rarity does not determine how the character is good but its overall skill set. That said, getting to know each one by their abilities through our guide and tier list is essential. If you want to know more about other tier lists, you can visit GameMastersHQ. There are also many informative guides, news, reviews, and tips and tricks for your favourite games.

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